Amanda & Joe | Day After Shoot (Trash The Dress)

One of the new trends in wedding photography is a photo shoot after the wedding referred to as a "Day After Shoot". It has also been called "Trash the Dress". Brides get an opportunity to wear their gown again and have a photo session under less restricted circumstances. I love this type of photo shoot as it allows the couple to really just have fun and get some great images! Amanda and Joe had such a photo shoot with me, and we went to the beach as it could not have been a better setting for this gorgeous and most photogenic couple. They were able to let loose, relax and enjoy the scenery and the intimacy of just being newlyweds. After all, the wedding was now over, so there was no worrying about a little sand and water getting onto Amanda's gown. I definitely encourage brides to try this type of photo shoot and get the most out of that gown purchase. So brides, you'll get to wear your gown twice, and twice is nice!  Congratulations again Amanda and Joe!

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Day After Shoot

Many of our couples ask if we can do a Day After Shoot, otherwise known as "Trash the Dress" for them, and the answer is YES! We think this type of photo shoot is a great idea because not only does it give the bride a chance to wear her gorgeous and expensive gown again, but it captures the couple's moment together in a more relaxed and casual environment. We don't really like to call this "Trash the Dress" since it doesn't reflect the type of shoot we do. We don't encourage couples to submerge themselves under water, roll around in the mud, and destroy a $5000 gown. However, to each his/her own. We want the photographs to still be beautiful and natural. Check out the Day After Shoot we did for Kelsey and Scott, and again as always, they were so photogenic and fantastic. Thanks guys! :) [gallery link="file" columns="1" orderby="title" size="full"]