Lisa & Sean Manhattan Beach Engagement Session

Lisa and Sean are the sweetest couple! They are young and in love and it really shows in their photos. We shot their engagement session at Manhattan Beach, and had a great time. It was a perfect day for fun, sun, photos, and love. Their wedding is also a beach setting at the Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, and it's gorgeous! Stay tuned... [gallery link="file" columns="1" orderby="title" size="full"]

Sonia & Kyle Engagement Session

We first met Sonia at our bridal shop The Ivory Suite, where she ended up purchasing her incredibly exquisite gown. Sonia and Kyle wanted their engagement shoot to be really fun, and to include a few shots with their dog Molly. I certainly obliged and Sonia, Kyle, Molly and I had a great time. They loved their engagement photos so much, they enlarged the black and white photo of them kissing under the big tree and hung it up in their living room. Their wedding will take place at the San Gabriel Country Club. I can't wait to photograph Sonia in her gorgeous gown! [gallery link="file" columns="1" orderby="title" size="full"]

Nancy & Thang | Pasadena Engagement Session

Nancy and Thang are a beautiful, great couple. We had a wonderful engagement session in and around Pasadena. This couple has everything going for them; love, chemistry, and a great enthusiasm for just wanting to hang out together. Their wedding is to be a traditional Vietnamese one. Needless to say, I can't wait so stay tuned![gallery columns="1" orderby="title" size="full"]

Kimberly & John Engagement Session

Kimberly and John had the notion of doing a beach engagement shoot. Well, am I glad they did! This wonderful, fun-loving couple looked like they were in Heaven as I photographed them at this spectacular SoCal beach location. Can you guess which beach we're at? I'll only divulge the location if you can guess correctly. ;) A funny coincidence is that my wife and I were at the beach, having a great day off when I first heard from Kimberly. As you can tell, their chemistry is off the charts! [gallery size="full" link="file" columns="1" orderby="title" size="full"]

Cherish & John Engagement Session

Cherish came into our bridal boutique The Ivory Suite, where she purchased her gorgeous gown. Cherish and her fiance John are movie enthusiasts, and we decided to play up their interest in films on their engagement shoot. I love how Cherish and John never take themselves too seriously and love to have a good time. They are super sweet, and I can't wait to photograph their wedding![gallery link="file" columns="1" orderby="title" size="full"]

Marjan & Arman Engagement Session

I came by way of Marjan through one of my favorite brides Kelsey. They are currently attending law school together, and have become great friends. Marjan and her fiance Arman are really sweet and love to have fun. We spent the day in South Pasadena, in my hood, and had a great time. I loved how they took the town, and it took to them. What a perfect looking couple! [gallery link="file" columns="1" orderby="title" size="full"]

Lindsay & Josh Engagement Session

Lindsay and Josh wanted some engagement photos taken while in California to post in their local newspaper. Their wedding is on the east coast, but live they mostly in Los Angeles. They asked if they could bring along their 9-month old daughter, and I am so glad they did - she is a darling. We had a great time in sun-soaked Malibu, where we shot these oh-so-cute photos! [gallery link="file" columns="1" orderby="title" size="1"]

Brooke & Marty Engagement Session

I had the marvelous pleasure of photographing Brooke and Marty's engagement session at their engagement party in Palos Verdes Estates. A beautiful setting, a beautiful day and a most beautiful couple. I first met Brooke and her lovely Mother at my wife's shop The Ivory Suite, where Brooke found her gorgeous Lea-Ann Belter gown. They were both so sweet and we hit it off instantly. Their engagement party was a lovely affair and enhanced by the glow of the Pacific Ocean at sunset in the background. Their wedding will take place at the Palos Verdes Country Club. Stay tuned... [gallery link="file" columns="1" orderby="title" size="full"]

Jessica & Daniel Engagement Session

Jessica and Daniel are a great couple. They've known each other for a very long time, and not surprisingly to everyone they know, they're getting married. Jessica came into our boutique The Ivory Suite, and ended up purchasing a gorgeous gown that truly makes her glow! Their wedding is taking place at the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa, so they wanted to do a beach scene engagement shoot. On a beautiful mid-summer morning in Newport Beach, Jessica and Daniel were picture perfect! Stay tuned for their mile-high wedding photos![gallery link="file" columns="1" orderby="title" size="full"]

Haley & Ethan Engagement Session

We met Haley when she purchased her beautiful gown at my wife's bridal shop, The Ivory Suite. She is a very lovely bride with natural beauty and cute dimples. Her fiance Ethan is a great guy with a fantastic and creative personality. Haley's family also runs and owns a party rentals company, Arcadia Party Rentals.  We look forward to photographing their wedding that will take place in her parent's majestic front lawn in Sierra Madre. [gallery link="file" columns="1" orderby="title" size="full"]

Kristen & Abe Engagement Session

Kristen and Abe are awesome!  They have great spirit and were completely open to going along with all my suggestions. I love the chemistry between them which really shows in all their photos. I'll be photographing their wedding as well at the Castaway in Burbank.  I know it's going to be quite the party atmosphere with this out-going and fun-loving couple. [gallery link="file" columns="1" orderby="title" size="full"]

Mary & Sergei Engagement Session

Mary and Sergei are a great couple with a lot of ambition and loads of energy. Mary's in law school and Sergei's in medical school - definitely a future power couple. Mary is going to school with one of our favorite all-time brides Kelsey, who referred Mary to us. This couple certainly has all the smarts to make it in life but they also know how to have fun. It was awesome photographing them, and a slightly gloomy day couldn't dampen Mary and Sergei's spirits for our wonderful engagement shoot! [gallery link="file" columns="1" orderby="title" size="full"]

Jamie & Kelvin Engagement Session

We met Jamie when she came in during one of the Trunk Shows we were having at The Ivory Suite. She bought a beautiful Birnbaum and Bullock gown, and we are so honored to also be photographing her wedding. She definitely wanted to do a beach setting for their engagement session since she is an avid surfer, and loves the sun and water. That day at the beach was especially crowded, but we still had a great time and made it look like they were the only ones there. ;) We look forward to their wedding at the Pacific Palms Resort in Industry Hills.

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Jennifer & Guillermo Engagement Session

My wife and I just returned from an AWESOME vacation in Maui! We will be posting pics from our trip so stay tuned. Now time to continue updating the blog. :) Jennifer and Guillermo wanted to take their engagement photos at the location of where he proposed to her, which I thought was such a neat idea! They did such a great job, and I loved the vibrancy of Jennifer's dress. Don't they have such cute dimples? :P Pictures from their beautiful wedding at the Los Angeles River Center will be coming next!

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Beth & James Engagement Session

I love my job!!! Not only do I get the photograph people on one of the happiest days of their lives, but I also get to go to the happiest place on earth! Beth and James love Disneyland as much as my wife and I do, and we all hold annual passes. It was the most fitting place for them to have their engagement shoot, and it was so much fun. I think they did such a great job, and I am really looking forward to their wedding! [gallery link="file" columns="1" orderby="title" size="full"]

Nga Ting & Omair Engagement

Nga Ting and Omair are an adorable, young couple, who met in a class at USC while studying engineering. They both have very neat cultural traditions - Nga Ting is Chinese and Omair is Pakistani. They will have a traditional Muslim wedding which will be very fun to photograph! We really look forward to their wedding at the Hyatt Westlake Plaza in Thousand Oaks.

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Helen & Dennis Engagement Session

Helen and Dennis are such a sweet couple. For their engagement session, they came so well prepared and even had a change of clothes. Great for a different look! They're a lot of fun to be around, and I really enjoy their company. I look forward to photographing their wedding at the Costa Mesa Country Club!

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Erin & Tanner Engagement Session

We first met Erin when she came in with her wonderful family to try on gowns at my wife's bridal boutique, The Ivory Suite. She bought a beautiful gown there and also booked us to be her wedding photographer. We can't wait to photograph her and Tanner's wedding at the Hotel Laguna. It's going to be amazing!

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